Girish Vishwakarma
Girish Vishwakarma
Cooperative staff and 100% satisfactory work and results come positive
Mohd Rafiq
Mohd Rafiq
Very good result and a place for happiness.
satyabhan singh
satyabhan singh
Best services for infertility patient Staff behaviour very supportive
Priyanka Sengar
Priyanka Sengar
Shanvi clinic number 1 clinic
Bablu Khan
Bablu Khan
Very good experience Dr Bachchan ji. Dr Richa ji
Juli Sagar
Juli Sagar
Good experience
Sunny Sunny
Sunny Sunny
Shanvi good and best staff
digvijay singh
digvijay singh
Very bad ivf centre only paise se matlab hai inko . ultrasound ki report bhi thik nhi deti mere wife ke 7month par problem hui thi ushi din operation karana pada twins the beti 9 din baad expire ho gyi puspanjali hospital agra mai bete ko delhi refer kr diya hai aaj bhi delhi mai hu.shanvi clinic ne ek bar bhi apni responsibility nhi samjhi .Koi bhul se bhi mat karana 7lac to kharch ho gaye beta abi bhi sarvodaya hospital faridabad n.i.c.u mai admit hai

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IVF offers hope to those who have failed to conceive naturally.


Fertility treatment that involves placing sperm directly into an egg.


It helps to stimulate ovulation, increase the chances of pregnancy, and result in a successful cycle.


A condition where a man has low or absent sperm production.

Test Tube Baby

The miracle of human reproduction is a reminder that life starts with a single cell.

Assisted Embryo Hatching

It is a process that allows you to have a baby without the need for intercourse.

Blastocyst Transfer

The best way to get pregnant and transfer a blastocyst into your uterus.

SEMEN Freezing

It is a procedure that allows you to preserve your sperm for future use.

Embryo Freezing

The healthcare team at Paediatric Therapy Services believes


Which uses two embryo transfer processes in order to achieve a pregnancy.


It is a diagnostic procedure used to visualize the Endometrium.


A safe, effective and minimally invasive procedure to treat endometriosis

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