Embryo freezing is another revolutionary technique that is helping childless couples to have children at their chosen time. By using the vitrification or cryopreservation process, the embryos are stored in order to preserve their health and viability. They can be stored for days, months or even years if required. This process can help couples to have children when they are ready, without having to go through the entire process of IVF again. Shanvi IVF is the best embryo freezing centre in Agra and the best fertility IVF as well. You are just a call away from your parenthood.

How are the Embryos stored for freezing?

Embryos can be stored for freezing through a process called cryopreservation. This process involves cooling the embryos to very low temperatures, usually around -196°C, in order to slow down or stop any biochemical reactions that might occur. The embryos are then placed in a cryogenic storage tank filled with liquid nitrogen and can remain frozen for years without any damage. When required, they can be taken out and thawed to transfer them to the uterus for a successful pregnancy. 

When is embryo cryopreservation done?

Embryo cryopreservation is a process of freezing embryos for storage and later use. It is typically done when couples are undergoing fertility treatments, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).It is also performed when there are leftover embryos, to preserve embryos for future in case the couple wants a second child. Embryo freezing is also performed before going for chemotherapy or any other treatment that can decrease the fertility of any of the partner.  The embryos are frozen at an early stage of development and can be thawed and implanted at a later date. Embryo cryopreservation can also be used to preserve healthy embryos for future use, or to store embryos from deceased individuals or those with genetic diseases. It can also be used to preserve the fertility of cancer patients who are undergoing treatment that may affect their fertility. 

What are the benefits of Embryo Freezing Treatment?

Embryo freezing allows the couple to buy time while giving them a strong chance of being parents in the future. This treatment also offers a variety of benefits, including increased success rates and reduced risk of miscarriage. Also, if the IVF cycle fails, the couple can go for a second chance with a frozen embryo without having to go through the whole IVF process which is physically and financially demanding.

How long can embryos be stored?

Embryos can be stored for varying lengths of time depending on the method used and the intended purpose. They can be stored for just a few days, like in the case of regular IVF process or blastocyst transfer, they can also be stored for a few months and even for many years ( in case the couple wants to have more children in the future). You can visit Shanvi IVF for the best embryo freezing in Agra. We also provide whole IVF treatments at affordable rates.

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