In semen freezing, the sperm of the male partner are frozen for future use. In this technique, the viability and the health of the sperm is maintained. This is an excellent option for those males who don’t want to become parents in the present but in the future. It is also the best option for patients undergoing chemotherapy, those who are considering late marriage, or those having any other medical illness. If you are looking for the best fertility center in Agra for semen freezing, visit Shanvi IVF today.

Who are beneficial for SEMEN FREEZING?

Sperm freezing offers an advantage for those men who want to become a parent in the future but not in the present. As advancing age decreases sperm quality, men tend to preserve their fertility in terms of freezing sperm. The semen freezing in Agra is gaining popularity day by day due to late marriages, career demands, and personal preferences.

Those males who can opt for Semen freezing are – 

  • those with cancer or other medical conditions that may affect fertility,
  • Those males who don’t want children at present
  • Those who are undergoing some kind of financial, personal, or behavioral crisis at present and can’t opt for parenthood right now
  • Freezing the sperm is advisable for those couples as well who are going for IVF
  • If not used these sperm can be used for donation purposes if allowed by the patient

How Semen Freezing is done?

Semen freezing is a process used to preserve sperm for future use. It involves collecting the semen, then cooling it down to sub-zero temperatures in order to preserve its quality and prevent the sperm from deteriorating. The sperm are stored in the lab at -196 degrees to keep them viable and to preserve their ability to fertilize. Shanvi IVF offers the best conditions and services for semen freezing in Agra, visit us today. 

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