Laser Assisted Hatching or Assisted Embryo Hatching

Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH) is an advanced technique that helps in increasing the success rate of IVF by 40%. This procedure is a boon for those couples who have a history of failed IVF cycles or those who have a low ovarian reserve. In this technique, the outer layer of the embryo is made thin with the laser to allow it to hatch easily into the mother’s womb. You must choose the best IVF center in Agra for laser-assisted hatching as it needs lots of expertise and skills to perform this procedure. We, at Shanvi IVF perform this procedure in routine and avail successful pregnancy results in most cases.

When is Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH) recommended?

Those couples who have a history of failed IVF cycles can benefit from Laser assisted hatching and have a high chance of successful pregnancy. LAH can also be used in cases where embryos are slow to develop or exhibit poor quality. This technique increases the chances of a successful pregnancy multifold.


  • Age Factor: Women over 37 years old
  • Hormonal Status:  Women having elevated FSH levels
  • Poor Embryo Quality: Women with poor prognosis embryos
  • History of IVF Failure: Couples whose previous IVF attempts have failed
  • Frozen Embryos: Women using Frozen Embryos, which may have hardened

What benefits do Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH) possess?

The potential benefits of LAH are numerous,

  • Improved success rates for IVF treatments,
  • fewer miscarriages, and
  • an overall healthier pregnancy outcome.
  • LAH is extremely beneficial for unexplained infertility cases.
  • It is highly recommended for couples with a history of failed IVF attempts.
  • Women above the age of 35 years have a high chance of pregnancy with the LAH technique.

Is it better to transfer a hatching blastocyst?

Yes, as the blastocyst transfer has more chances of a successful pregnancy, hatching the blastocyst increases them even more, resulting in a successful pregnancy in most cases.

What is the Success rate of LAH?

Laser-assisted hatching has improved pregnancy rates significantly. Increased Success rates are seen in cases when frozen embryos are used for IVF.

Shanvi IVF is one of the most cost-effective and genuine fertility centers in Agra for blastocyst transfer and laser-assisted hatching as well.

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