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3 Key Factors Behind IUI Success Rate

3 Key Factors Behind IUI Success Rate

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3 Key Factors Behind IUI Success Rate

The alternative fertility method or infertility treatment process, IUI or Intrauterine Insemination, helps individuals conceive a child when the natural conceiving process does not work. Healthy sperm are directly placed into a woman’s uterus after they are washed through a specific process. The success of fertilisation and IUI treatment increases when they are brought close to the egg, utilising a thin tube.

Many factors can influence the success rates or IUI Cost in Agra, primarily the woman’s age, fertility and medical disorder, the process timing, and much more. Let us check the 3 key and significant factors behind the IUI success rate explained by experts at Shanvi IVF Centre

IUI Success Rate

The success rate of IUI treatment, on average, varies between 10% and 20% for each cycle. Women who fail to conceive in a single IUI cycle usually undergo multiple cycles to boost the probability of getting pregnant.

The treatment’s success is also based on the processing of semen, the timing when the procedure is undertaken, age or medical disorders or fertility issues of a woman, the laboratory setting, and much more.

Therefore, it is crucial to pick a fertility centre that provides a personalised approach for every patient as per their disorder and requirement.

3 Main Factors Influencing the IUI Success Rate

Age Of Women

The age greatly influences the success of the IUI procedure since the egg quality declines with age, and so do the success rates. Repeated IUI cycles are required for conception, depending on the age. Here, we have listed the success rates of IUI treatment as per the woman’s age. IUI success rates are approximate-

  • 13%- Women below 35 years
  • 10%- Women between 35 and 37 years
  • 9%- Women between 38 and 40 years, and
  • 3% to 9% in women more than 40 years

The Timing Of IUI Treatment

IUI treatment is scheduled after the experts determine the timing of the occurrence of ovulation. A well-planned and strategic approach to the treatment, including the timing of consuming medications and the timing when the sperm sample is to be collected, greatly influences the success rates. The procedure’s ideal timing increases the success rates, while lacking that may decrease the rates.

Fertility Disorder

Fertility disorder in women or the partner also affects the success rate of IUI treatment. The success rate is approximately between 7% and 10% when infertility is unexplained and you have open fallopian tubes, a healthy uterus, an ideal egg count, etc.

Besides, when one fallopian tube is unblocked and the other is blocked, the success rate of IUI treatment varies. The probability of success is approximately 11.7% when the blockage is close to the ovary, and it can boost to even 38.1% if the blockage is close to the uterus. While if there is male factor infertility, the success rate for the treatment is approximately 16.9%


The success of non-invasive or Intrauterine Insemination depends on specific factors and is effective when the woman’s age is ideal, and there are no significant complications. Consulting with experts at Shanvi IVF Centre will assist you in determining your chances of success while opting for IUI treatment.

The personalised treatment and approach given by the experts will maximise your potential for success in the treatment and help you conceive the child conveniently. So, call at +91-7818-031-370 or visit the centre to get guidance about the IUI procedure and IUI cost in Agra.

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