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Planning For IUI in Agra: What It Will Cost You

Planning For IUI in Agra: What It Will Cost You

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Planning For IUI in Agra: What It Will Cost You

Specific infertility issues and underlying medical disorders make it challenging for certain individuals and couples to get a child naturally. It creates the need and demand for artificial fertility treatments. The fertility treatment, IUI or Intra-uterine insemination, is provided in a laboratory setting that considerably increases the potential of having a child.

The increased need also boosts the cost of these treatments. So, when you plan for IUI treatment in Agra, typical questions come up about the treatment, what it will cost you, and more. So, let us check this guide and know about the treatment available at Shanvi IVF Center when you plan for IUI in Agra and what it will cost you.

About IUI Cost in Agra

IUI, or Intrauterine insemination, is an ART or Assisted Reproduction technique often suggested to individuals and couples facing challenges in natural conception. It increases the woman’s potential for fertilisation by injecting sperm directly into her uterus.

The cost for IUI or Intra-uterine insemination may vary from one city to another and one fertility centre to another. This range carries because of some variables or factors, such as the patient’s age, specific underlying medical issues, treatment approach or personalised treatment, number of cycles you need for IUI treatment, and much more.

Factors Affecting IUI Cost in Agra

Since cost is the primary factor or people in deciding or opting for IUI treatment, let us check how it affects the treatment cost in Agra.

  • Number Of Intrauterine Insemination Cycles

The cost of IUI in Agra significantly varies based on the number of cycles undertaken. Certain aspects necessitate multiple processes or cycles in women. Individuals or women below thirty years have just a 10% of the probability of treatment success in a single IUI cycle, while women above forty years have only 5% of success chances in a single cycle.

Since every IUI cycle has a specific cost, the increased cycle numbers will increase the IUI cost, too.

  • Age Of Patient

Women’s age is also among the most significant factors that greatly influence the cost of IUI treatment in Agra. The success of IUI treatment is more effective in young women as compared to older ones. Therefore, the IUI is low for younger ones and higher for older women.

  • Medications

Fertility medications and drugs impact IUI costs since every woman is advised specific dosages and medications based on their fertility disorder and other underlying medical problems. The injections and oral medications differ from one patient to another, and so does the cost of IUI treatment.


IUI or Intra-uterine insemination treatment necessitates specific cycle numbers, medications, and other additional approaches. Its cost differs because of the varying number of cycles, drugs and injections, and the patient’s age.

This variation significantly influences IUI cost and makes it different for each woman undergoing the treatment. You may reach Shanvi IVF Center by visiting the facility or booking an appointment online at +91-7818-031-370 to estimate IUI cost per age, medical issues, and other factors. Our experts will guide you about the best available packages and strategies to make the treatment affordable.

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