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5 Must-Known Facts Before Getting Started with IVF

5 Must-Known Facts Before Getting Started with IVF

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5 Must-Known Facts Before Getting Started with IVF

More than just a medical procedure, In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a gateway to parenthood for couples unable to conceive due to infertility issues. Offering success rates of around 70-80% in women younger than 35, IVF provides solutions to various fertility challenges and has emerged as a preferred choice for many.

Suppose you also plan to opt for IVF to experience the joy of parenthood. In that case, this blog below will assist you with five must-known facts about In-Vitro fertilization because it’s crucial to be well-informed, and your dream of parenthood deserves the best start. Let’s get started with the facts to know more!

Fact 1: IVF Has Helped Millions of Couples Become Parents

Around 8 million babies are born with IVF in 40 years, and it has become a beacon of hope for all infertile couples worldwide, suffering from tubal issues to unexplained infertility issues. More than just numbers, each baby delivered through IVF represents a dream realized, a family completed.

Fact 2: IVF Allows for Genetic Testing of Embryos

For all those who are confused about the fact that IVF babies are not normal, the medical procedure provides a PGT (preimplantation genetic testing) option. It is primarily done for embryo screening, ensuring a healthier pregnancy journey, healthy babies and successful VF deliveries.

Pre-implantation genetic Testing is a cutting-edge procedure used to identify any genetic abnormalities in the embryos, and the goal of the testing is to allow Embryologist to select the best embryos, free from all genetic conditions and abnormalities for transfer.

Fact 3: IVF Offers Patients More Control Over Their Fertility

IVF promises empowerment in fertility and allows the patient to decide their answers for WHEN and HOW of conception. With IVF, couples and individuals can preserve fertility and tailor the conception journey according to their plans or timelines.

Fact 4: IVF Is A Safe And Effective Treatment

A decade of research claims IVF to be the most effective infertility treatment, with minimal inherent risks and low IVF complications, depending on the couple’s previous health issues and prevailing complications. It has been ranked as the globally recognised and trusted method.

Fact 5: PGT has Low Risks of Multiple Births 

The total number of embryos transferred during an IVF cycle influences the risk of multiple births, and earlier, multiple embryos were transferred to ensure maximum IVF success rates, which resulted in an increased risk of twins or triplets. However, with technological advancement and more research, the issues have been resolved.

Most women who now undergo IVF opt for only a single embryo transfer, which reduces the chances of twins in only 7% of cases and triplets in only 0.1% of cases.


IVF is a miraculous treatment for all couples facing difficulties experiencing the joy of parenthood due to infertility issues. However, because of the hype of IVF in the past years, the treatment is surrounded by myths and facts, which have a high probability of confusing couples or individuals.

For all those planning for IVF or any other infertility treatment, connecting with the IVF experts can only help with authentic details. Schedule your appointment with the IVF experts at Shanvi IVF Centre for the best advice and details for tailored infertility treatment.

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