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Best Ways To Boost Male Infertility And Increase Sperm Count

Best Ways To Boost Male Infertility And Increase Sperm Count

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Best Ways To Boost Male Infertility And Increase Sperm Count

The health of a male, specifically the sperm, is pivotal in determining whether his partner will conceive a child. Modifying lifestyle and diet, reducing stress or anxiety, and maintaining activeness are ways to support male infertility. Besides, a few antioxidants and dietary supplements help promote health while increasing sperm count.

It isn’t rare when a person or couple experiences infertility since many couples and individuals face such issues. However, some preventive measures and approaches can help increase sperm count and boost male infertility.

This post informs about the best ways suggested by specialists at Shanvi IVF Centre to boost male infertility and increase sperm count. Explore details in the sections below to learn more.

What is Male Infertility, and What are the Causes?

Male infertility is an individual’s incapability to make his spouse or partner pregnant for a minimum of at least one year of unprotected sex. This issue is often associated with semen quality or sexual functioning, where an individual cannot reproduce sperm normally or without medicinal support. To know more Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment, read here.

Infertility affects one in every six partners; most issues are believed to be due to male infertility and low sperm counts. Male infertility can also be linked to testosterone levels, sperm motility and count, erectile dysfunction, and libido level.

Best Ways To Boost Male Infertility and Increase Sperm Count

Since infertility isn’t always solved, a few ways can improve and boost male infertility and increase sperm count. Some of the primary factors and tips listed here can support male infertility issues and increase the chances of extending family.

Constant Physical Activities

Although constant physical activities benefit a person’s well-being, it also improves fertility and enhances testosterone levels. NCBI studies indicate that when compared to inactive males, active males have better semen quality and high testosterone levels.

Consuming Dietary Supplements And Antioxidants

Consuming dietary supplements and antioxidants, including supplements of Vitamin D, C, E, etc., improve sperm motility and count and significantly reduce deformed sperm cell numbers. Also, Zinc, Selenium, Lycopene, and Folic acid can improve sperm count and quality and enhance male infertility.

Frequent Intercourse

Frequent intercourse around the ovulation period is the best when a couple wants to extend their family. Having sex every couple of days benefits males with an average sperm count. However, abstinence for more than a day decreases sperm appearance and mobility.

Balancing Weight

Among the best ways to increase sperm count and boost male infertility is ensuring a balanced weight since being underweight or overweight can upset the hormonal balance of a body. Unbalanced hormones, furthermore, also result in decreased sperm count.

Besides, some other measures that boost male infertility and increase sperm count are avoiding alcohol, intake, smoking, and toxic chemicals, treating underlying medical conditions, avoiding heat and keeping things cool, eating more greens, medical procedures, and many more.


Maintaining overall health is significant if you are trying to have a child. Making diet and lifestyle changes, routine exercise and physical activities, balancing, and consuming diet supplements, antioxidants, and healthy foods can increase the chances to support male infertility.

These are some of the best ways listed in this post that can help boost male fertility and increase sperm count. Consulting with specialists at Shanvi IVF Centre will help you get valuable tips and advice to support your chances of having a child and eliminate infertility issues.
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